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Vehicle Protection

Vehicle Protection combines products to provide you with affordable coverage for unexpected expenses.

Major Mechanical Protection

The best time to invest in a mechanical repair program is when you proudly purchase your new or used vehicle. So, before you commit to another program, compare it to our Major Mechanical Protection (MMP). All programs vary in coverage and cost with some being more expensive than others. We believe our MMP program will provide the value you have come to expect from Randolph Brooks and our select partners.

With Major Mechanical Protection at Randolph Brooks, you can protect yourself against many of the major expenses associated with future costly repairs especially since the likelihood of mechanical failure to a vehicle increases over time.
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Guaranteed Asset Protection

Did you know that if the vehicle you are now purchasing is totaled, or is stolen and not recovered, your insurance may not pay off the total amount due to your financial institution?
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Payment Protection

Payment Protection protects you, your credit rating, and one of the most valuable assets- your family.
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