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Guaranteed Asset Protection

Save On Out of Pocket Expenses

Did you know that if your new vehicle is totaled, or stolen and not recovered, your insurance may not pay off the total amount owed? GAP Advantage reduces or eliminates the added expense and pays the difference between the value of your vehicle, as determined by your insurance company, and the balance still owed.* When you finance with us, GAP Advantage makes you eligible for $1,000 toward the purchase of a replacement vehicle.

Why do you need GAP Advantage?

  • Protects your credit rating
  • Covers losses that your primary insurance may not
  • When you drive your new car off the dealer’s lot, it depreciates 10%-15% of its value
  • According to the Highway Traffic Administration, one vehicle is stolen in the U.S. every 27 seconds
  • Every year a half million vehicles are totaled due to accident, fire, and theft
  • May be eligible for $1,000 toward the financing of a replacement vehicle

What does GAP Advantage cover?

  • New or used vehicles, such as: automobiles, vans, light trucks, and SUVs

*All benefits are subject to the terms and conditions of the GAP waiver contract